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The Best CBD Products To Get Delivered While In Lockdown

CBD might help alleviate some of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing in self-quarantine.

Social distancing guidelines have been extended nationwide until April 30 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While we’ve been living under these restricted conditions for about a month now, our new normal still takes some getting used to. It’s a good time to pick up a CBD habit.

Spending time in isolation with constant reminders of the dangers posed to your health is a hard mental state to be in. CBD might be able to help you cope. While these products won’t produce changes overnight, the consistent use of them might provide relief for whatever condition you’re struggling with, whether you’re looking for some peace of mind, muscle pain relief or some good skincare.

Here are the best options to get delivered to your door:

Tinctures & oils

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CBD tinctures and oils are some of the most malleable options for people who are looking to get stress and anxiety relief. These products can help you find some calm or target specific ailments. They’re very customizable, allowing you to add them to your favorite drinks or to take them as droplets. Products like Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil, CBDistillery’s Full Spectrum Tincture and Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Tincture are good places to start, featuring different price ranges and plenty of positive reviews.


Edibles are a fun way of introducing CBD to your lifestyle. There are different types that can satisfy cravings such as gummies or chocolates, and they’re also easy to consume, since usually a single piece is a full dose. CBD edibles tend to serve the same purpose as CBD oil, perhaps delivering results in a slower manner, since the edibles have to be digested and broken down  in the stomach in order for you to absorb the compound. Punch-C90, Lord Jones Gummies and Veritas Farm Gummies are good starting places for anyone who’s curious about CBD treats.

Skincare & Beauty

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Skincare and CBD are a great pairing, with several industry veterans choosing to get involved with the compound due to the results it delivers. There’s a wide variety of CBD skincare and beauty products available in large stores such as CVS, Sephora and even Barneys. Their catalogue is constantly changing, but a quick look through their websites will show plenty of options for those who want to try something new.


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