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The Importance Of Barneys New Partnership With A High End Cannabis Company

Like most luxury chain stores in America, Barneys is the kind of place that dictates what goes on in the shopping market. For cannabis enthusiasts then, it’s huge news to learn that the store is opening an exclusive space for marijuana paraphernalia.

The High End officially opens this March, and it’s the result of a collaboration with Beboe, a California based cannabis company that’s known for their luxurious products. A partnership of this type is not one you would have predicted a couple of years ago, but it’s one that’s happening now, a reflection of our culture’s changing perspective regarding marijuana.

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“More than just a creative collision of cult-favorite brands, The High End also symbolizes Beboe’s tireless work and mission to destigmatize popular culture of preconceived notions of cannabis and its users,” explains the store’s press release.

As one of the first partnerships of its kind, The High End is a place where shoppers will be able to browse through bongs, pipes, and joints as if they were purchasing a new coat or a pair of shoes. “Being in a place where culturally it’s possible to have a luxury venue like this, where cannabis can be properly addressed and celebrated, is very exciting,”  Scott Campbell, co-founder of Beboe, tells The Fresh Toast. “I grew up in Texas where having a roach in your car was a felony. On this store cannabis is literally put on a marble pedestal. I think it’s a cultural milestone. Cannabis is completely out of the bottle and it’s not going back in.”

Photos courtesy of Beboe

Since cannabis is still a scheduled drug that’s bound by laws, the store won’t be able to sell marijuana directly. “We will have samples of our products on display and a representative speaking with people telling them about our products. We also have a delivery service so people can order products immediately. So we can’t sell it at the store, but you can touch it, feel it and have it delivered shortly afterwards,” explains Campbell.

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Introducing marijuana to shopping spaces in the US is a big step for cannabis users and for marijuana culture in general. A store located in Barneys allows non-consumers to get acquainted with marijuana in a respected and controlled setting, hopefully opening their minds to it and removing some of the stigma that surrounds it.

Having a bong next to a shoe might not sound like a big change in the grand scheme of things, but it represents an evolving and more welcoming America. Although Barneys caters to an exclusive market, it’s a foot in the door for all sorts of marijuana distributors. In a couple of years, you could be buying marijuana at your local mall.


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