Monday, March 4, 2024

The FDA Finally Admitted That Marijuana’s CBD Is Beneficial

The FDA and the American government have a long history of denying some cannabis-related facts, especially when it comes to the positive medical side effects that marijuana offers. The recent growth and popularity of marijuana’s CBD has caused the FDA to reconsider and to be a little more understanding of the herb. CBD is a non psychoactive plant that has proved to be beneficial for patients that struggle with different illnesses and symptoms, including those of epilepsy and seizures.

The FDA has recently put out a call for comments on the Federal Register, trying to find more information on CBD and wondering how it fits on the Convention of Psychotropic Substances that was developed in 1971. In doing this, the FDA recognizes some of the benefits that CBD has provided for different patients over the years; demonstrating that the organization is willing to gather more information on the matter and maybe opening the door for conducting some much needed research in the future.

Although the fact that they FDA is reconsidering CBD may not sound like a big deal, it is, especially considering the fact that last year the DEA tried to classify CDB as a Schedule I type of drug, which are those substances that, according to the government, provide no medical benefits in the US.

If you have some information you’d like to provide on CBD, you can do so on this website. The FDA will be accepting comments and research until September 17th.


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