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These Soothing Products Will Help Dogs Battle Anxiety

In the U.S., the Fourth of July is a widely-celebrated holiday, and no matter where you celebrate, fireworks are almost always involved. As aesthetically appealing as fireworks are, the cost of them is astronomical. Not to mention, the loud noises of fireworks significantly startle and frighten many animals including dogs, deer, squirrels, and others. In particular, dogs who suffer from PTSD and anxiety often get triggered by the consistently loud noises. If you’re a pet owner and/or know someone who is, there are certain soothing products that can help dogs battle anxiety and terror caused by loud noises.

Costly Fourth Of July Traditions

Many people enjoy the Fourth of July because it’s an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. However, there are other popular attractions that interest people including numerous firework shows as well as fireworks individuals light up on their own. As of 2014, each year for the Fourth of July, the expected total for consumer sales of fireworks in the U.S. totals in at $675 million. This figure represents an increase of $13 million as compared to 2013. Although people enjoy lighting off fireworks each year, animals have quite the opposite experience.

Animals’ Experience With Loud Noises

Countless animals including dogs are often afraid of fireworks, but fortunately, there are certain products that can be used to help dogs and other animals combat anxiety caused by Fourth of July fireworks. The products listed below can be very useful around this time of the year whether you’re a pet owner or know someone who is.

Soothing Products to Help Dogs Combat Anxiety

Physical Gear

Over time, different products have been released onto the market, which help soothe anxiety and stress animals feel on holidays like the Fourth of July. One useful product is a tucked-in heavy blanket. Generally, heavy blankets help soothe humans and animals because of the comfort it provides. The feeling is similar to a friendly hug that makes a significant difference when one is frightened or anxious.

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Similarly, another product that can reduce dogs’ anxiety is a “Big Hug Anxiety Jacket.” These jackets are specially made for anxious dogs, especially around the time of July 4th. The jackets apply a certain amount of pressure, which helps swaddle and calm dogs during stressful, anxious, and fearful experiences like firework shows. Also, a “Shed Defender Dog Onesie” is another option. The pressure it delivers to animals substantially helps calm and soothe their anxiety, and this specific onesie can help keep dog hair off clothing, furniture, and car interiors. Rather than using physical jackets though, some dog owners rather place specially made earmuffs on their dogs’ ears to protect their hearing from loud firework sounds.

Edible Food-based Treats

In addition, calm cookies that contain Cannabidiol have been found to be useful in reducing anxiety. The cannabinoid’s natural anti-anxiety properties do their job to soothe both high stress and anxiety. These calming dog treats don’t contain any THC, therefore, after dogs consume them, they won’t feel high, but rather, their anxiety and nerves will most likely disappear.

If pet owners don’t want to give their dog a CBD-based treat, there are other treats to choose from. For instance, “Take it easy treats” could be used, which are made with natural ingredients that evoke calming and soothing effects.

On the same note, “Pawlife Calming Treats” or chill pills are commonly used. These flavorful treats contain calming yet natural ingredients, which work to keep dogs relaxed during loud firework noises. As a result, pet owners can relax too knowing that their dog(s) won’t freak out or panic. Similarly, “HomeoPet” could be used, which is comprised of a blend of homeopathic ingredients that are designed to combat animal anxiety due to firework noises.

Specially-made Dog Collars

Sometimes, if dogs are outside during firework shows whether it’s intentional or non-intentional, they can get easily startled and anxious. This may lead to them running away to escape the loud noises and the panic they feel. If for some reason a dog is outside while these noises occur, a GPS collar can be used to ensure that if they run off, the owners can easily find them. Also, pet owners can purchase a calming collar for their dogs. These collars are specially made with natural essential oils, and they help deliver calming support due to stress-related behaviors.

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Although the Fourth of July is a fun celebratory holiday for most people, firework shows and lighting off fireworks can significantly impact animals’ well-being including countless dogs. If you want to ensure that your pet(s) are safe, stress-free, and calm, try purchasing any of the products mentioned above to give them the peace they deserve.


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