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Independence Day: 5 Red, White & Blue Marijuana Edibles

Even if you don't love FOJ, you'll dig these treats.

Independence Day: 5 Red, White & Blue Marijuana Edibles
Photo by Aktim via Pixabay

If fireworks are the only thing you’re looking forward to this Fourth of July, you’re doing patriotism wrong. “These fireworks would look so much better totally sober,” said no one ever. A little THC and/or CBD gives a whole new meaning to lighting up the sky.

Here are 5 red, white and blue edibles to ensure your FOJ goes off like like an entire pack of bottle rockets ignited simultaneously.

BlueKudu, Cookies & Cream

White chocolate and crunchy cookie bits? Try not to eat the whole bag. Each piece of candy is just 5mg, but the whole enchilada contains 20 doses and 100mg of THC.

GaGa Edibles, Pomelo Fruit Chew

One of three bright red flavors (licorice and mixed berry are the other two), each chew contains 10mg THC and is available in single and 10 packs.

Infused Edibles, Blue Razz Belts

A total throwback to the 80s, these gummy “belts” are available in 150mg CBD, 300mg CBD, 500mg CBD and 1000mg CBD bags. Also available in THC.

WeBe, Wizzie Stix

The adult version of those addicting, straight sugar Pixy Stix that your parents dreaded letting you eat. Available in red and blue powder, along with several others, each straw contains 50mg THC and 25mg CBD.

Tarukino Inc., Happy Apple Cider

Here’s a a two-fer. Apples are red, but the juice is white(ish). That counts, right? Made with Washington apples, this 12-ounce bottle of carbonated pressed juice is finished with 10mg of cannabis. It’s a great swap for Prosecco or sparkling cider.

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