Monday, December 6, 2021
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VIDEO: The Differences Between Marijuana’s Sativa And Indica Strains

If you’re buying marijuana for the first time, it can be overwhelming to step inside a dispensary. Legal cannabis has opened the floodgates for consumers with various delivery options like shatter, edibles, tinctures, and on and on. Just buying flower doesn’t necessarily simplify the process either. The differences between sativa, indica, and hybrids and their various effects can be confusing for first timers and old heads alike.

Thankfully our friends at the GrowthOp have a new video to assist you in the flower department. For decades we’ve associated indicas with more sedative, couchlock effects while sativas produce an uplifting, warm sensation. Hybrids, meanwhile, lie somewhere in between.

But as GrowthOp explains, there isn’t a ton of scientific evidence to back this up. Thanks to interbreeding, these characteristics that have long defined sativas and indicas aren’t as true as maybe they once were. If you’re using cannabis for medical purposes, you shouldn’t so much focus on sativas and indicas at all. Instead you should worry about cannabinoids, terpenes, and other profiles found in specific strains.

How do you know what these different cannabinoids and terpene traits will affect your high? Watch the video below to find out.


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