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Ways To Treat COVID Stress Skin Issues

Coronavirus might be causing you tons of stress, something that your skin is very susceptible to. Here’s what you can do to manage these unwanted side effects.

The coronavirus is a reasonable source of stress. The stress of the pandemic and the long hours spent at home mean that your schedule might be off balance, and that you might be lacking motivation to do things that you normally enjoy. You might even be eating different foods or working out less than usual (nods everyone in agreement).

Your skin is usually the first part of your body that freaks out once stress surges. Dermatologist Heather D. Rogers told the Huffington Post that skin is a reflection of your overall health. Targeting a zit or some blemishes misses the whole picture; you should be focusing on your health.

Here are 5 things you can do to improve your skin’s well-being:

Work out and wash up 

Working out is important when spending time indoors, because it allows you to move around and release much-needed endorphins instead of just sitting around. Your skin can be affected by either working out less or more, with the former necessary for burning cortisone and the latter for your health. However, exercise can elevate testosterone, “which can wake up acne,” says Rogers. So, keep working out, but make sure to shower afterwards to get rid of those toxins.


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Our new and improved hygiene means that we’re avoiding tons of germs and bacteria, but we’re also subjecting our skin to a lot of stress and dryness, especially our hands. Use moisturizer or Vaseline to battle cracked knuckles and palms.


Poor sleep habits can make your body produce more cortisol, which stress you out and can cause skin inflammation. Rogers recommends setting an alarm for going to bed and for waking up, helping you stay on track.


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CBD oil has been found to successfully treat different kinds of acne, managing the amount of sebum that your skin produces. It’s also a compound known for treating inflammation. CBD oil could also work if it’s a product you’ve never used before, providing a break from your traditional skincare products, which your skin might have adapted to at some point.

Don’t go overboard with skincare

The large amounts of free time you now have can make you want to try out new things, like cooking elaborate dishes, baking or using up all of our skincare products for fun. Your skin is pretty delicate; using large amounts of products or with too much frequency might mess with your pH levels and produce strange reactions from your skin.


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