Monday, March 27, 2023

Does Sex Boost Your Immunity?

While it’s been proven that sex provides tons of health benefits, data on whether it creates a stronger immune system is a little murky.

Couples who are quarantined together or singles who are spending time at home might be having more sex or masturbation sessions than usual. Despite the stress and anxiety that surrounds us in quarantine, there’s also plenty of boredom and free time, which is usually when the horniness comes in. This is great, but does sex or masturbation actually boost your immune system?

Orgasms, cuddling and physical contact have long been associated with positive health effects, from stress relieving properties to stronger and healthier bodies. But scientific research shows a more complicated landscape.

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A 2004 study found that having regular sex (once or twice a week) was associated with higher levels of immunoglobin. This could be due to the physical aspect of sex, since higher immunoglobin is also reported in people who workout regularly. The study also shows that couples who had more sex than once or twice a week didn’t have higher levels of immunoglobin, meaning that more sex doesn’t mean that people’s immunse systems are instantly stronger.

how to practice post sex hygiene
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Sex is a process that not only involves the physical but also the emotional side of things. Researchers theorized that those who are having more sex might be trying to make up for other insecurities in their relationship, which could augment their stress and reduce the benefits of sex.

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While data on sex and its effects of health is confusing, it still shouldn’t discourage couples or singles from sex or masturbating. While an orgasm might not protect you from the coronavirus, it will offer a much needed mental break, a boost in endorphins and serotonin, relaxation, better sleep and a fun way to pass the time.



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