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What To Expect When Smoking Weed For The First Time

Your inaugural weed smoking session is largely dependent on your body and mindset. But here’s what you can probably expect your first time.

Your first experience with marijuana can be great, but it can also be terrible. No wonder people are nervous. Here is what to expect when smoking weed for the first time.

Despite the fact that people have been getting high for hundreds of years, we still know very little about the drug and what it’s capable of. But we do know that your mindset,  body and the type of marijuana you’re consuming can all have an effect on your high, leaving vastly different first impressions from person to person. You might get relaxed and giggly, while your buddy gets paranoid and anxious. Good times!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common reactions you might expect from your first time consuming weed.

The Good

People Use Marijuana
Photo by Hưng Nguyễn via Unsplash

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If everything goes correctly, people who are consuming weed for the first time should get high with a good amount of ease. Their bodies haven’t been exposed to cannabis, which means that there’s no tolerance. People who experience a good first high report feeling happy, relaxed, giggly, and very aware of their surroundings, which include colors, sensations, and more. This is why high people can have deep conversations about the state of their shoes. Also why they eat so voraciously.

The Bad

new study says marathon weekend sleep sessions dont work
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Bad highs usually happen when first timers smoke too much or are in a place that’s uncomfortable for them, such as a crowded party. If someone is naturally anxious, smoking weed might also increase their odds of having a bad time. They might start to worry over other people “knowing” that they’re high, and experiencing dry mouth and thirst.

In order to prevent a bad high, it’s important to moderate how much weed is smoked and be surrounded by people you trust. If a bad high occurs, remember that these are temporary and harmless.

The Nothing

Here’s What You Can Expect When Smoking Weed For The First Time
Photo by Quốc Bảo via Pexels

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It’s also common for people who smoke weed for the first time to feel nothing. It’s sad. Experts believe that THC must interact with some people’s bodies several times in order to activate their endocannabinoid system. This is called a “sensitization period.”

Know you know what to expect when smoking weed for the first time, so have fun!


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