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What To Know About Marijuana Drinks

Cannabis seltzers and drinks are great options for people who want to have fun while steering clear of alcohol.

Weed drinks have been slowly earning more and more followers. Still, they’re nowhere near as popular as other cannabis products like vapes, edibles and flower. According to a Datassential report, consumer awareness of marijuana beverages grew 9% in 2021, and 51% of adults over 21 now profess familiarity with them. The company also found that THC beverages have the highest amount of interest and awareness with Gen Xers. Here is what to know about marijuana drinks before you drink your THC.

While there’s a growing interest in a “California sober” lifestyle, a lot of people don’t get why they should drink cannabis from a can when they could ingest it in other more traditional ways. Since they contain mTHC, cannabis-infused drinks can cause  relaxation, euphoria, and maybe drowsiness and other symptoms of cannabis intoxication The weedy flavor is also a challenge for our flavor palates.

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Why Cannabis-Infused Drinks Are Hit Or Miss
Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

Replacing a cocktail or a joint with a cannabis drink isn’t an ideal solution. These drinks provide a different effect, something that’s much more light than what edibles are known.

Consumers who enjoy the use of cannabis or THC-infused products, as it provides a functional benefit without the hangover effect,” says Michelle Mendoza, head buyer of LA based Sweet Flower dispensary.

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Marijuana drinks have varying amounts of THC and some produce a deeper high. Still, when comparing cannabis drinks to other forms of consuming cannabis, drinks are more consistent and less surprising than edibles. Drinks start to have an effect the minute they’re in your mouth, being absorbed through your bloodstream through your mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

Marijuana drink
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If you have to compare it to any other cannabis substance, a cannabis drink provides an experience somewhat like smoking a joint. You can tell the high is kicking in soon after you ingest it so it helps with avoid over indulging.

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It’s only recently that cannabis companies have started to successfully incorporate cannabis into drinks. Cannabis drinks had a tough time taking off, especially since cannabinoids like THC and CBD are difficult to infuse into substances that have no fat in them.

Now you know what to know about marijuana drinks, you might consider adding them to your mix.


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