Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Women Who Use Marijuana Have Higher IQs Than Average

The stereotype of the lazy stoner can trick you into thinking that the plant burns off brain neurons and makes people dumb, but recent studies prove that this isn’t the case and that many cannabis lovers are smarter than average and capable of leading super successful lives.

According to a study from the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, women who smoke marijuana have higher IQs than the general population, and, even more surprisingly, were 50 percent smarter than them. The study analyzed data for over 800 women, looking over many stats including their intelligence, schooling levels, lifestyle and smoking habits.

The results of the study were surprising, but researchers weren’t able to discover why these women had higher IQs. The most prevalent theory was that these women were more open to new experiences, which is something that most people with high IQs have in common. These people get easily bored with normality, thus putting themselves in positions that facilitate new experiences and events.

Studies like this one make subjects more willing to be a part of them while also opening the minds of people who have old and outdated beliefs when it comes to marijuana. The evolving legalization of the plant assures us that in a couple of years we’ll have more concluding and powerful evidence that explains the many phenomenons behind cannabis.


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