Here Is A Cannabis Policy That Can Legalize Weed Safely

A reintroduced cannabis policy offers a more responsible path forward by protecting state's rights and federal law, all at the same time.

One Vet’s Opinion On Marijuana As Medicine For Your Pet

When a dog or a cat gets sick and conventional options don’t work, people seek alternatives. What about marijuana as medicine for your pet?

An 11-Year Old Girl Is Suing Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana Legalization

Alexis Bortell may only be 11 years old, but she’s already involved in the ongoing struggle to legalize marijuana nationally.

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A few telltale signs that you may have been consuming cannabis: Red eyes, cottonmouth, a seemingly perpetual grin ... and you walk funny.

Marijuana And Parkinson’s Disease: What We Know

Parkinson’s disease is progressive neurological condition in which the brain gradually stops producing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps us make smooth, coordinated movements.

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Marijuana May Work To Trigger Psychosis In A Select Few

A recently published study suggests that risks between cannabis use and psychosis are real, though the risk is substantially lower than once believed.

Gavin Newsom Gobbling Up California’s Cannabis Contributions

Gavin Newsom —the current California lieutenant general, has scooped up roughly 98 percent of the cannabis contributions so far.

California Police Dog Forced To Retire Because Of New Marijuana Laws

New marijuana laws have created an estimated 200,000 jobs in America as legalization spreads across the nation.

Michigan Votes For Complete Marijuana Dispensary Shutdown

Medical marijuana dispensaries may have to shut their doors if they want them to be open in the future, the Marijuana Licensing Board suggested on Monday.