First African Marijuana License Could Lead To Continental Gold Mine

Lesotho’s Ministry of Health recently bestowed one South African Medical Company an official license to cultivate marijuana medicinally.

Reno Is Hosting A ‘Bud And Brew’ Festival Without The Bud

Um, okay Reno. We get you. You want to boats you're getting your own marijuana and beer festival, but not break the law. Smart move.

Hi-Tunes: Buy A Joint, Get A Music Download For Free

Hi-Tunes, a new marijuana-focused music distribution service, announced this week it will begin offering pre-rolled joints with a QR code for free music downloads.

You May Soon Be Able To Board A Marijuana Party Bus In Boston

The company offers a "mobile cannabis lounge" in which cannabis lovers can enjoy the herb as the bus tours local dispensaries, hotels and bars.

CBD From Hemp: Here’s What You Need To Know

There is a lot of confusion among cannabis consumers about CBD from hemp. Is it the same as medicinal marijuana? Here's what you need to know.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Still Threatening Marijuana

Attorney General Jeff Sessions reminds us that federal laws still stand and marijuana is still illegal, despite voter-approved pro-marijuana state laws.

How Marijuana Can Help Those With Traumatic Brain Injury

Doctors are asking if the noble weed may hold some answer for those with traumatic brain injury that currently need better therapeutic solutions.

Marijuana Education Program Gets Axed By University of Maryland

Two months after announcing a groundbreaking cannabis education curriculum, the University of Maryland now says it is backtracking on the plans.

5 Cannabis Products That Are Perfect For Date Night

All of these products are super fun because they’re new, sexy, and exciting. Check out this short list of products that'll lead to the best date night ever:

Arizona State Will Pay To Get You High For New Study

If you smoke marijuana, Arizona State University wants to study you. A report circulated online that sounded like a hippie dream come true.