Sunday, September 25, 2022


State-By-State Guide To Marijuana Related DUI Rules And Regulations

How does each state handle cannabis-related DUIs and OUIs?

Marijuana Use While Pregnant Might Result In Children With This Disorder

A new study found a link between marijuana use during pregnancy and a variety of issues in young children.

When Exactly Should I Pop My Edible?

When it comes to edibles, it's all about timing.

What Is Kief And How Do You Use It?

If you haven’t yet tried this super-potent, powdery green cannabis product—you’re in for a treat.

Cannabis To Remain Prohibited By The World Anti-Doping Agency — Here’s Why

The World Anti-Doping Agency appears to want to leave cannabis on its list of banned drugs.

New Jersey Issues New Guidance For Protecting Workers Who Consume Cannabis

Although tests are improving in accuracy, there is no perfect test for detecting present cannabis impairment.

Essential Tips To Ensure A Perfect Wake & Bake

From choosing between indica and sativa to deciding if an edible or vape pen is right for you, all sorts of decisions can — and will — alter your wake and bake journey. People have been waking and baking long...

What Is THC-H And Is It Really 10 Time Stronger Than Regular THC?

THC-H is a scarce and freely occurring cannabinoid that is believed to be 10 times as strong as the common THC.

This Is Why People Continue To Smoke More Weed Than Cigarettes

Marijuana smokers are growing in number, and more people are viewing it as a beneficial substance.. 

Can You Fly With Medical Marijuana?

TSA’s stance on flying with medical marijuana is somewhat convoluted.

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