Friday, July 19, 2024

You Can Bet On Anything From The Debate To Marijuana Rescheduling

Thanks to online gaming, you can bet on anything from the debate, a coin toss or marijuana’s legalization process.

Betting is very popular, almost 37% of people placed a bet last year in the US and Canada.  And thanks to online betting people are wagering on weight loss, political campaigns, sports coin toss, and cannabis.  Today, you can bet on anything from the debate to marijuana rescheduling.

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In ancient Egypt, 4000 to 3000 BC, people bet on dice, board games, and feats of skill, such as chariot racing and fencing. It has been popular ever since.  There are crazy things you can bet on, but today there is a big audience betting on the first presidential debate. Regarding the debate, you can bet on who the polls say won (odds favor Trump) and who has the first question (odds favor Biden).

You can also bet on the times Putin is mentioned (even at above or below 6.5 times) and also if Taylor Swift is mentioned in the debate. Niche bets are also on fire. Will Biden freeze for 5 seconds and lose his footing, or will Trump say “bing bong” and hit 5 sniffs in one response?

Marijuana being scheduled this year is another key bet…and has a whole industry anxious for the outcome. One site had a high of 80+% chance to now 46% to being completed in 2024. It is almost even currently with one regarding the Florida recreational amendment whether it passes or not.

“Today, betting is socially accepted and wildly popular. In addition to mainstream sports type stuff, if you know where to look, you can bet on all kinds of wacky things.” say Rep Porter, national Poker Playing champion and CEO of Hi On Nature.

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One of the craziest things people are betting about online is alien life and UFOs. This type of wagers has exploded in popularity over the last few years. The following alien bets have seen plenty of action:

  • Who will Win the Alien vs Human War?
  • Which Celebrity or Public Figure will be Abducted by Aliens First?
  • Which Country Will the Aliens Attack First?


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