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Does Kevin Bacon Use Weed

He is the ideal rebel for a generation – but does Kevin Bacon use weed?

He is a symbol of rebel – his defining roll in the movie Footloose set a music and rebel tone for a generation. The classic movie is about one teen’s desire to dance changed the mindset of a small town. When it premiered, marijuana was not legal anywhere in North America. The movie was filmed at Payson High School in Utah, and now Bacon is returning for the school’s prom on the 40th anniversary of the premier.  And boy, have things changed.  In 2018, Utah approved and started legal medical marijuana, a first step toward recreational. So now patients in Payson can dance and consume.

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Bacon’s career continued in such diverse vehicles as Frost/Nixon, X-Men: First Class, Crazy Stupid, Love, and I Love Dick Six Degrees.  There is even a fun game/meme of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon where players try to connect actors or people to others within 6 connections – and the less connections the better.  After all this, does Kevin Bacon use weed and chill?

The 80s classic move Diner

Well, the answer is Bacon cuts loose and enjoys the plant. He is very open about it and in fact shared. “Different people react differently to it,” Bacon said. “I’m okay as long as I’m in a super, super safe kind of situation … I need to be like in bed, or something’s on. Like work, never, never, never … otherwise I can get a little paranoid.”

But sometimes, things happen. Kevin Bacon revealed to Seth Meyers he got high on marijuana with co-star Daniel Stern before filming a scene for the 80’s hit Diner. Thinking they had the day off, he and Stern head to a movie theatre to chill and watch a film.  Partially through the movie, he got called to return to the set.  Stern was not need and laughing is head off.

“I was fine. It turned out that the scene was just me walking in the background or something like that. Plus the adrenaline just straightened me right up,” Bacon said.

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Krya Sedgwick, Bacon’s wife,  shared to prep for a role, she got stoned with him. Marijuana is a great material aid, maybe it is one of the reasons the Hollywood couple has been together for 35 years. They starred in numerous movies together including Space Oddity which Sedgwick and Bacon starred.

It is great Bacon has kept up the fight to open people’s minds about new things.


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