Thursday, June 4, 2020


Gossip: Why Harry And William Didn’t Visit Diana’s Grave; The Plan To Make North West And Saint Friends

Why Harry and William didn’t visit Diana’s grave; The plan to make North West and Saint friends.

Gossip: Kim Kardashian Joining ‘American Idol’; Does Madonna Have Bed Bugs?

Kim Kardashian joining ‘American Idol’; Does Madonna have bed bugs?

Gossip: Aaron Carter’s Drug And Cosmetic Surgery Addiction Exposed; Randy Jackson Says Janet Jackson Was Abused

Aaron Carter’s drug and cosmetic surgery addiction exposed; Randy Jackson says Janet Jackson was abused.

Gossip: Kate Hudson Calls C-Sections Lazy; The Cost Of Britney Spears’ Massages

Kate Hudson calls c-sections lazy; The cost of Britney Spears’ massages.

JJ Abrams Will Direct The New Star Wars And So What?

JJ Abrams co-wrote and will direct Star Wars Episode IX pretty much confirms the hypothesis the studio wants the most marketable product possible.

Gossip: Duchess Kate ‘Keen’ On Having Home Birth; Is Demi Lovato Gay?

Duchess Kate ‘keen’ on having home birth; Is Demi Lovato gay?

Gossip: Children Services Investigating Kardashians; Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Planning First Public Appearance

Family Services investigating Kardashians; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planning first public appearance.

Gossip: Kanye West And Jay-Z Are Reportedly Ending Feud; Lady Gaga’s Must Read Quote About Madonna

Kanye West and Jay-Z are reportedly ending feud; Lady Gaga’s must-read quote about Madonna.

Gossip: Kirk Cameron Controversy Over Hurricane Comments; How Fergie Keeps Her Sex Life Spicy

Kirk Cameron controversy over hurricane comments; How Fergie keeps her sex life spicy.

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Admits To Wishing He Still Smoked Marijuana

Marijuana consumption rumors have followed around New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for some time now and there is a reason for it.

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5 Things To Know Before Hiking With Weed

Now that summer is upon us, it's time to remember one of nature's best pairings.

Cory Booker: Marijuana Enforcement Typifies Same Racist Inequalities Spurring Protests

In a new interview, Sen. Cory Booker underlined racial disparities in marijuana enforcement as just one example of the failings in America’s current justice system.

England Is Banning Sex Between People Who Don’t Live Together

The rule came into effect on June 1, and law-breakers can be prosecuted and fined.

The Role Marijuana Legalization Can Play In Fighting Racial Injustice

NORML released a statement this week detailing how marijuana advocates can play a role in enacting racial justice in America.