Thursday, May 30, 2024

These People Convincing Justin Timberlake To Hold A Baby Is The Most Absurd Thing You’ll See Today

What the hell is happening in this video?

It appears that this dad took his baby to a golf tournament (the first red flag, because who DOES that?) and decided to make the experience as annoying as possible.

As each golfer comes out through the waiting crowd, he accosts them: “Hold my baby! All these people here said you’d hold my baby!” It’s extremely unlikely that his fellow audience members actually did urge him into this, but they stay polite and silent anyway. A few uneasy laughs peel across the crowd as each golfer passes him by without, in fact, holding his baby.

And then Justin Timberlake comes out. Little-known JT fact: The former NSYNC hearthrob is super into golf. So here he is, trying to enjoy this tournament, and this dude is yelling from the crowd, “Hold my baby!”

Being a good person, Timberlake stops to hold the freaking child, probably just to get this dude to shut the hell up and make him stop dangling a baby in the air. He even takes a moment to do the Lion King move. The crowd cheers, also likely relieved that this dad will stop yelling now. Thank you, JT, for taking one for the team—and for denying dad the handshake. That was priceless.


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