Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Gossip: Ryan’s Plot To Replace Kelly Ripa; Ramona Singer Fired From Real Housewives?

Ryan’s plot to replace Kelly Ripa; Ramona Singer fired from ‘Real Housewives?’

Richard Branson Will Ride Out Hurricane Irma In His Wine Cellar

Richard Branson is one adventurous man and his recent decision might be one of his wildest yet: ride out Hurricane Irma on Necker Island.

Gossip: Tori Spelling’s Husband Looking At Jail Time; Kim Kardashian And Beyonce Still At War

Tori Spelling’s husband looking at jail; Kim Kardashian and Beyonce still at war.

Gossip: George Clooney Discusses Twins’ Personalities; Quantasia Sharpton Claims Usher Sex Tape

George Clooney discusses twins’ personalities; Quantasia Sharpton claims Usher sex tape.

Gossip: Lady Gaga’s New Malibu Neighbors Hate Her; Angelina Jolie Does Not Enjoy Being Single

Lady Gaga’s new Malibu neighbors hate her; Angelina Jolie does not enjoy being single.

Gossip: Prince William And Kate Middleton Expecting Third Child; Madonna Is Moving To Portugal

Prince William and Kate Middleton expecting third child; Madonna is moving to Portugal.

Gossip: Duchess Kate & Pippa Middleton Want To Be Pregnant At The Same Time; Has Taylor Swift’s Squad Abandoned Her?

Duchess Kate & Pippa Middleton want to be pregnant at the same time; Has Taylor Swift’s squad abandoned her?

Gossip: Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Are Moving To London; Bradley Cooper Is Set To Marry Irina Shayk

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving to London; Bradley Cooper is set to marry Irina Shayk.

Prince’s Sister Says His Favorite Color Was Orange

Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson revealed that we had it all wrong in an interview with the Evening Standard.

Gossip: Kanye West Accused Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse; Justin Timberlake Wears Men’s Stockings

Kanye West accused of drug and alcohol abuse; Justin Timberlake wears men’s stockings.

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