Marijuana Legislation

Finally! Some Actual Good News For Federal Cannabis Research

Earlier this week, ace cannabis reporter Tom Angell broke a nice story regarding federal cannabis research and it's gonna make you happy.

Texas Just Issued Its First Medical Marijuana License

Cansortium Texas, part of Florida-based Cansortium Holdings, received the first medical marijuana license from the state of Texas last week.

Here’s Why California Will Be No. 1 In Cannabis Tourism

Cannabis legalization inevitably leads states and local governments to at least discuss the impact of cannabis tourism and the money that comes with it.

Teen Marijuana Use Declines In Post-Legalization Washington

The regulation of adult cannabis use in Washington is not associated with any increase in teen marijuana use or abuse rates.

Alert: Colorado’s Marijuana Laws Are About To Change

Colorado’s marijuana laws are about to change. The Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has been conducting meetings to smooth out any wrinkles.

Study: Just How Much Marijuana Are Canadians Using?

Nearly 11.5 million Canadians, or 39 percent of adult-age Canadians have admitted they will be cannabis consumers if plans for 2018 come to bloom.

The Fresh Toast Marijuana Legislative Roundup for Sept. 11

Vermont will create a task force to examine legalization. Find out about this and more in our weekly marijuana legislative roundup.

Scientists Want To Develop Synthetic Medical Cannabis

This discovery could lead to the development of synthetic medical cannabis that’ll model how THC and CB1 interact while avoiding legal issues.

President Trump And Jeff Sessions Struggling Over Legal Marijuana

The constitutional authority of Congress to protect legal marijuana state rights from federal authorities is also known as “the power of the purse.”

A Brief History Of The War On Drugs And What It...

The war on drugs is not based on any assessment of the relative risks of these drugs – but it has everything to do with who is associated with these drugs.