Drive-Through Marijuana Stores In Maine? It Could Happen

In Maine it's legal to purchase alcohol from a drive-up window, and now the idea of drive-through marijuana stores is being kicked around.

Al Franken Finally Gets Behind The Cannabis Cause

Al Franken never really picked up the cannabis cause, which may have also had to do with his fairly conservative constituents in Minnesota.

American Legion Fires Back At VA Secretary Over Medical Marijuana

The American Legion urged the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to support research into marijuana's therapeutic benefits in treating PTSD.

Here’s The Number One Reason Why People Use Marijuana

Marijuana is used by millions for its psychoactive high, but a recent survey reveals that nearly 50 percent of consumers of the herb just want to do this.

Jackpot! Las Vegas Gets First 24/7 Marijuana Store

Beginning this weekend, it will be legal to buy marijuana any time of day because Las Vegas just got its first 24/7 marijuana store.

Will Washingtonians Finally Get To Grow Their Own Marijuana?

Currently, Washington State does not allow residents to grow their own marijuana, this is true even for medical marijuana patients.

This Country Will Be The Next To Legalize Medical Marijuana

The debate sparked up last February, when a makeshift cannabis lab, run by mothers medicating their sick children, was raided by the police.

Governor: Nevada Casinos Need To Talk With The Marijuana Industry

An executive order has been signed directing the Gaming Policy Committee to discuss how casinos should work with the legal marijuana industry.

Massive Crowd Shows Up When New Florida Dispensary Opens Its Doors

The owners of Trulieve, a Florida medical marijuana company, didn't know exactly what to expect when it had its grand opening in Bradenton on Monday.

The 7 Worst States In The Union To Get Caught With Cannabis

Sure, it’s easy enough to find out which states aren’t cannabis legal, but which of these have the most severe penalties for getting caught with cannabis?