Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Medical Marijuana

Medical Cannabis For TMJ? Here’s What The Science Says

Millions of people with TMJ struggle with the severe pain and discomfort brought on by this condition.

As Suicide Rates Surge, Nebraska Gov. Says There’s No Evidence Cannabis Helps Veterans With PTSD

Staggering statistics show that on average, 17 veterans per day succumbed to suicide.

Medical Cannabis & Sleep Disorders: What Do We Really Know?

Even though medical marijuana is often recommended to help treat sleep disorders, a new study confirms that more research is required. 

Is Cannabis Now Winning The Fight Against Cervical Cancer?

Cannabis may work best in conjunction with other treatments that your medical provider has recommended.

Can You Ask Your Doctor For A Cannabis Prescription Instead Of Painkillers?

Marijuana, as we have previously reported, can be a great alternative to opioids. But will your doctor prescribe you weed instead of painkillers?

Can Cannabis Provide Relief For Arthritis?

The evidence supports that cannabis can be a potential benefit for arthritis as well as other ailments that involve inflammation.  

Cannabis And Rheumatoid Arthritis: What Are The Best Options?

We already know that cannabis possesses several active compounds which studies have proven can benefit those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Cannabis And Cancer: Study Reveals Nearly 50% Of Patients Stop Traditional Pain Meds

According to the research, medical cannabis helps lower the pain in oncology patients while also alleviating other symptoms as well.

US Army Veteran With Cancer Begs Kansas Senate To Legalize Medical Cannabis As He Is ‘Running Out Of Time’

Without accessibility to medical marijuana, many patients in the state are struggling, some from terminal diseases, such as cancer.

What The Latest Medical Studies Reveal About CBD For Diabetes

CBD has been shown to be promising in the treatment and prevention of diabetes — naturally.

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