Can Jay-Dar Work On Photos? Science Says Yes

In a new study, cannabis users and non-users alike examined photographs of people to decide if they smoked cannabis or not based on appearances alone.

New York Health Department Recommends Marijuana Legalization

Although New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has spent the past few years arguing against the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, a new report from the state’s Health Department may have changed his tune.

Royal Fans Think The Queen Was Sending Messages With Her Jewelry During Trump’s Visit

There's a theory going around on Twitter that Queen Elizabeth was trolling President Donald Trump during his recent visit to the U.K.. Her weapon of choice? Brooches.

How Marijuana Does More For Age-Related Osteoporosis Than Calcium

Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weak and brittle. It’s typically due to loss of tissue, which happens as we age and hormonal changes.

Record Amount Of Wildfires Are Increasing Air Pollution In The US

Expanding wildfires are burning much more land than they used to and the resulting air pollution affects us deeply, damaging our bodies and making it harder for us to breathe.

Flying With Marijuana From One Legal State To Another Is Still Illegal

Flying with medical or recreational marijuana, even from one legalized state to another, is still illegal because the feds are in charge of the skies.

Cannabis Companies Raise Cash For Girl Harassed By ‘Permit Patty’

A little girl who had the cops called on her for trying to raise money so she and her family could go to Disneyland, not only has her trip covered, she has a growing college fund, thanks to a handful of cannabis companies.

Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Is A Non-Issue For Cannabis Legalization

Some of the Trump administration’s most dedicated critics continue to blame U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the nation’s stagnant drug policy, while others boast that Congress is finally ready to make a change.

Website Glitch? Try This Amazon Prime Day Hack

If a website glitch is keeping you from cashing in on Amazon Prime Day deals, try this shortcut.

Here’s Why Canada Will Be Home To The Best Cannabis Research

On October 17, Canadians will officially be able to legally spark up across the country. This comes with a slew of benefits, one of them being increased research.