Monday, January 30, 2023


Should Cannabis Products Come With Mental Health Warnings?

Some regulators want to see mental health warnings on marijuana products.

Top 10 Highest Yielding Cannabis Strains Of 2022

Whether it is indoor or outdoor cultivation, these strains will produce plenty of thick sticky buds.

Delaware Shows The War On Drugs Lives On In Liberal Enclaves

Gov. John Carney's veto of a cannabis-related criminal justice bill was a throwback to an earlier time.

High THC Weed: A New Form Of Reefer Madness Or Worth The Panic?

The latest high-potency products on the market are commonly called shatter or wax and are known to have THC levels as high as 85%-90%.

Do Biden’s Views On Weed Now Make Him A Conservative?

As the concept of legal weed continues to grow in popularity among voters, when and how will the White House take a stance?

Why Do Legal Cannabis States See Less DUIs?

When we treat people like adults and give them the freedom of choice, they typically tend to find some equilibrium and practice safe consumption habits.

Record Number Of Americans Are Failing Drug Tests Due To Weed, So What’s The Answer?

Americans are reorienting their attitudes toward cannabis use.

Why The Military Should Have Reduced The Penalties For Getting Caught With Weed

The miliarty is shooting themselves in the foot trying to stop cannabis use.

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