Monday, February 24, 2020


Live From The Fresh Toast Stage: I.M. Rip

Live From The Fresh Toast Stage: I.M. Rip

Way Out: The 6 Weirdest Flaming Lips TV Appearances

We've been thinking about the Oklahoma rock group’s career, so here are the five best televised Flaming Lips performances.

Live From The Fresh Toast Stage: Radio Raheem

Radio Raheem, Seattle's coolest soul/funk/rock band, musically,somewhere between Sharon Jones & The Dap KIngs and the Talking Heads.

Live On The Fresh Toast Stage: Andrew Joslyn

This is the first video and single from Seattle multi- instrumentalist/composer, Andrew Joslyn. Best known as Macklemore's orchestra leader for the past several years, Andrew is a very in-demand arranger and collaborator for some of the top artists in...

Live On The Fresh Toast Stage: Jessica Lynne

Jessica Lynne is a Seattle-based, Denmark-born country singer. The video, "Calling Me Home," was nominated for The Seattle Video Shorts Festival as Video of the Year. The ceremony was held two weeks ago and although she didn't win, the...

Live On The Fresh Toast Stage: Luce Lutu

New Mercedes is the debut single/video from Luce Lutu, a young Seattle hip-hop/rapper. He played football for the University of Hawaii before returning to Seattle

Live From The Fresh Toast Stage: Stoneface Honey

+++ Stoneface Honey is a Portland based roots-rock / indie-pop band led by singer Angie Kopshy. Stoneface Honey’s music features a duo of female vocal harmonies backed by organ, synth, guitar, electric bass, drums, cello, clarinet and violin. After a...

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