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7 Tupac Lookalikes Blowing Our Minds Right Now

Tupac was born June 16, 1971 and his life constitutes one the most influential, prolific outputs in hip hop history. On September 7, 1996, he was shot in Las Vegas while leaving a Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Hotel. He died six days later on Sept. 13, as says the official record.

But no one ever believes the official record when it comes to Tupac. Many continue to believe Tupac Shakur lives, thanks to a suspiciously large amount of music released after his death. That and people keep spotting Tupac in public. He perhaps has the most doppelgangers of any celebrity living or dead. Falling down that doppelganger rabbit hole will cause one to lose multiple productive hours of a day. I know because that’s what I did.

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With the release of the Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me and his birthday, we thought we’d rank the most well-known Tupac lookalikes on scale of believability. While in fictional setting or public life, some of these men truly look like Tupac. None of these men, however, are Tupac. As everyone knows, Tupac’s living in Cuba. Just try and prove me wrong.

Ivory Coast goalkeeper Boubacar Barry

This comparison is lacking. No bandana, incorrect facial hair, too much gleam in his eye. Boubacar Barry resembles Tupac only in facial structure. The real Pac would never play goalkeeper anyways, too defensive a position.

Tupac In Beyond Scared Straight

Another stretch to consider this man too much a Tupac lookalike. This is more of an Easter egg treat for that giant crossover between Beyond Scared Straight viewers and Tupac fans.

Demetrius Shipp, Jr.

Demetrius Shipp, Jr. plays Tupac Shakur in All Eyez On Me. When he was cast for the role, he was still working at Target. He told TMZ his co-workers called him “Pac” on the job since he so closely resembled the legendary rapper.

Counterpoint: All those Target employees should be fired.

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Many critics have bashed the film and Tupac associates have publicly decreed it, like Jada Pinkett Smith who said All Eyez On Me is full of lies. Shipp, while undeniably a Tupac doppelganger, isn’t that convincing as Pac. His face is too round, cheeks too plump, and does not contain the pain in his eyes like Tupac did. He does not appear weary of the world like Mr. Shakur.

He’s a good enough lookalike, but “good enough” isn’t good enough for Pac.

Tupac At The BET Music Awards

You be the judge. This is the realm of Tupac lookalikes where the internet really convinces itself Tupac might still be alive. The lax demeanor and outfit is convincing as a Tupac doppelganger. I mean, he looks the part. Appearing at the BET Music Awards is a nice touch.

Boston Celtics Fan Tupac

The crowd started chanting “Let’s go, Tupac!” and the stadium PAs played “California Love.” At a Boston Celtics game. Convincing anyone to cheer on any entity from the state of California is a magic trick. This Tupac lookalike did magic.

Tupac in Outlawz Music Video

Honestly, this is for the true conspiracy heads. The one who really, really believe Tupac is still alive. His possible appearance in an Outlawz music video—a rap group with close ties to Tupac; they helped him dis Notorious B.I.G. in “Hit Em Up”—as a shadowy figure is the closest metaphor possible. Like, it’s almost too on the nose.

Watch the video, though. Tell me that guy doesn’t resemble Tupac. Tell me he isn’t Tupac. Seriously, tell me this because I may have talked myself into believing this video is real.

Marcc Rose

Every time I watch Straight Outta Compton I think two things: a) rappers used to be cooler and b) Tupac is still alive. The latter is because of Marcc Rose. He is the only convincing Pac performer I’ve ever seen. The reason All Eyez On Me is failing is because he isn’t in it.

His last name is Rose! Like The Rose That Grew From Concrete! Like “We The Roses!” What more do you want? Marcc Rose is Tupac; Tupac is Marcc Rose. All other Pacs should be rendered null and void, forever more.


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