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Watch The Wrestling Rumble That Broke Out On An NYC Subway

The match is fake but the laughs aren't.

NYC Subway
Photo screenshot by timhannrivera

You truly don’t know what you’ll see on an NYC subway. Insane, disgusting, and hilarious sights will be seen on the subway. Yet somehow nothing quite compares to the first Subway Royal Rumble.

Yes, a full-out wrestling brawl broke out on the subway and it’s about as real as any other wrestling match ever televised. The video is the concoction of comedian Tim Hann Rivera, who recruited some other entertainers to participate in his subway wrestling parody.

It’s actually clever in hitting all the right notes. You’ll see The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more, the comedians riffing the on the wrestler’s iconic moves. The audio commentary is quite funny as well. How these guys pulled it off for so long without getting kicked off the subway is a miraculous feat as any thing else.

A necessary reminder: Just don’t try this at home.

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