Friday, January 17, 2020
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Cheech & Chong Say Stoner Comedy And Cannabis Culture Is Over

The age of a marijuana leaf representing everything that’s cool and counterculture is officially over. That’s according to Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, who made the statement after news broke that former Speaker of the House John Boehner would be joining the Board of Advisers at Acreage Holdings.

Cheech and Chong, who revolutionized the entertainment world with their “stoner comedy,” announced on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert they were done performing weed comedy, claiming “pot’s over,” alluding to the fact that when politicians enter the cannabis space, the party’s essentially finished.

“Actually Stephen, we think this news sucks,” Marin said. “I mean, pot used to be rebellious.”

Chong added to that, saying, “Yeah, now crusty old Republicans like John Boehner are into it.

“Pot’s over, man!”

But not to worry. Cheech and Chong may quit stoner comedy, but they’re not leaving the comedy world entirely. Instead they’ll move on to “edgier stuff, stuff that’s still illegal.” For example, the duo is now into “unpasteurized dairy products…importing exotic reptiles…taping and distributing football games without the express-written consent of the NFL.”

You can watch the full segment above.


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