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Did Kate Middleton Throw Shade At Christening

The British Royal Family are beloved and bewitched globally and people really focus on every detail.  Now the question is did Kate Middleton throw shade at christening. After photos were posted of baby Archie’s christening over the weekend, some people took issue with the earrings Kate Middleton was wearing to the ceremony.

As Cosmopolitan points out, the Duchess of Cambridge chose a pair of pearl drop earrings that Princess Diana wore to Prince Harry’s christening back in 1984 as an homage to her late mother-in-law. But since Princess Di is also Meghan’s MIL, some people think Kate was trying to upstage the Duchess of Sussex.

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Here’s a closer look:

Others who are obviously on TEAM KATE pointed out that Meghan didn’t exactly blend in at Prince Louis’s christening.

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And who knows? Maybe Kate offered the earrings to Meghan and she turned them down? Let’s all come down, people. Everyone loves a royal feud, but this is turning into some Dateline: Real Life Mysteries nonsense.

Royal babies being christened traditionally wear the same christening gown worn by a number of royals before them. The child’s godparents are usually announced as well – Harry and Meghan famously broke with tradition at Archie’s when they kept the names private.

Additionally, royal tradition dictates that water from the River Jordan be used for the occasion, as this is where Jesus was baptized in the Bible.


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