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Does Bella Thorne Smoke Weed?

The former Disney actress has rebelled against her wholesome image. Does this include smoking marijuana?

Bella Thorne, the actress known for her Disney roles and her sometimes controversial internet presence, broke headlines this week when she announced that she was joining OnlyFans. The website, which is a kind of soft porn version of Instagram, has unexpectedly taken off thanks to a mix of pandemic-induced horniness, boredom and the perfectly timed release of a Beyonce and Meghan Thee Stallion song.

Does Bella Thorne smoke weed?

Like many Disney performers, Thorne has grown up and rebelled against the tight image that the family-friendly company enforces. She’s appeared in several shows, movies, written her own book and even directed a porn film. While controversy is always nearby, Thorne doesn’t seem to mind, always finding new work opportunities, including in the weed industry.

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Photo by Jerod Harris/Stringer/Getty Images

Alongside Glass House Group, she launched a CBD and cannabis brand called Forbidden Flowers. In an interview with Forbes she explained her new business, her past experiences with marijuana and how she first tried the drug when she was young.

“It was still illegal at the time, but… I kept getting really bad anxiety when I turned 14 or 15, and I started getting terrible stomach cramps… I’ve been to five different gastroenterologists and no one can figure it out,” Thorne said. “So it was a struggle for me… And then my brother told me to smoke weed when I was 16 (almost 17) and it was the first thing that actually helped me do anything really, with trying to figure out my stomach, and my anxiety, and never sleeping, basically being an insomniac.”

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Unlike other celebrity and cannabis partnerships, Forbidden Flowers is open about their involvement with Thorne, using her image for marketing purposes and crediting her as the main reason why the brand exists.

Last summer, Thorne re-created the iconic meme of Elon Musk smoking weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast…while recording an episode for YouTuber Logan Paul’s podcast. Thorne looked very comfortable with a blunt in her hand:

So, yeah. We can confidently say that Bella Thorne smokes weed.


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