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Does Katy Perry Smoke Weed?

Katy Perry is a Grammy nominated singer who just gave birth to her first child. What’s her relationship with marijuana?

Katy Perry has had a big week. The multi-Grammy award nominee and “American Idol” judge just gave birth to her first child. She also released her new album, “Smile,” coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of her biggest hit, “Teenage Dream.”

Perry has had an interesting musical career. At one point, she matched Michael Jackson in record sales, but in recent years, her songs have had trouble breaking the Billboard 100. Perry is a pop star who’s capable of releasing power ballads alongside bubblegum pop anthems. Although she still has a devoted set of fans, her recent work is wobbly, as if it’s still trying to find its footing.

Does Perry ever glean any of her creativity from weed?

katy perry is taking a break from music
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There’s not a lot of information out there on her marijuana use.

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In 2018, musician Telle Smith told Alternative Press that Katy Perry started smoking weed while on tour with his band The World Alive in 2008. He said that he saw her smoking weed from an apple and that she was very excited about it, which is something that you wouldn’t expect from a seasoned weed smoker.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in 2014, when asked about marijuana, Perry said, “I can’t do that stuff. I’d be like in the corner: ‘Are you trying to kill me?!’” which is extreme, but okay.

More recently, she’s made a couple of tweets alluding to weed, making it clear that she doesn’t smoke, but also doesn’t hold a grudge against the drug either.

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Although Perry has smoked weed, at least from an apple bong, it doesn’t appear like it’s on her list of priorities. Our verdict is that she’s not a regular weed user, which is cool now that she’s a new mom.


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