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Gwyneth Paltrow Speaks On Marijuana Usage, Plant’s Health Benefits

Goop is a successful media company run by Gwyneth Paltrow. As a lifestyle and wellness brand, the company tends to focus on health, fitness, and holistic alternatives to modern medicine. Though it should be mentioned Goop has come under scrutiny for promoting unsubstantiated medical advice, it boasts a loyal and devoted following ranging from the Whole Foods crowd to Gwyneth Paltrow fans.

The company is expanding and released its first print publication on newsstands now. Admittedly, Goop’s rise wouldn’t have occurred without Paltrow, something the actress and activist seems well aware of. She is the magazine’s first cover star, appearing naked, covered in mud, with the caption, “Earth to Gwyneth.”

Inside includes an extensive Q&A with Paltrow, where she touches on everything from the magazine’s inception, what wellness means to Goop, and what it means to be a woman asking the right questions in 2017. But Paltrow also discussed marijuana legalization, showing support by appearing with a vaporizer pen in one of the inside glossy photos. She doesn’t hide from marijuana usage either, stating quite emphatically, “Oh, I’ve tried it, and yes, I inhaled!”

Paltrow also defended the plant’s usage as medicine and explained how the hippie stoner stereotype that previously surrounded the drug is outdated.

Via goop:

What’s really interesting to see, with all the legalization of marijuana happening, is how there’s evidence that it can be helpful in a medicinal sense for people. That it can really be an alternative pain management system, and, in some cases, helpful for depression.

I think there is a lot of pushback against [medical marijuana], because I don’t think we can monetize it with the same kind of margin you can with an anti-anxiety pill that you get from behind the counter. But it’s incredible to see people who can’t sleep, or people who have chronic pain, report really positive results, and it’s a natural substance.

Paltrow also went to state how so many people can feel reluctant that they are in control of their own health. It’s what in part, as she says, led us to a “complete opioid epidemic. And then we are as a culture, very resistant to more natural options.”

But times are changing Paltrow believes. As people become more aware of their own capabilities and self-control, more possibilities open up and individuals become more comfortable with something like marijuana.

“[W]e’re just at this very interesting, I think, paradigm shift, because, we can tell that culturally people are so fascinated, and they want to try ways to take control over their health and well-being,” she said. “They want to be the steward of their own ship. There’s just a ton of really interesting back and forth, and it’s interesting to be at the crux of it.”


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