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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Has To Pay $145K For Vaginal Egg Claims

It gets harder and harder to believe that Goop is a sound business that produces revenue instead of being a very elaborate joke from Gwyneth Paltrow. The site, which has advertised everything from coffee enemas to bee sting therapy, has settled over unsubstantiated claims that one of her products has health benefits. Finally, the law sees what doctors, experts, and people with common sense have suspected all along.

Buzzfeed News reports that Goop has settled with California prosecutors over allegations that accuse the company of making statements that weren’t scientifically accurate. Goop will pay $145,000 in civil penalties over advice regarding vaginal jade eggs, which were available for purchase on their site. “The wellness empire sold a series of women’s health products whose advertised medical claims were not supported by competent and reliable science,” said the District Attorney’s office in a statement.

Goop will also be forced to provide refunds for costumers who purchased the products and will have to stop advertising the jade eggs as health remedies.

The vaginal jade eggs appeared on Goop’s website as having healing capabilities, increasing sexual energy and bladder control, toning vaginal muscles, and balancing hormones. An accompanying oil can also cure depression, so says Goop. The eggs also claimed to be rechargeable by the energy of the full moon, and cost upwards of $55. Goop was just begging to be shut down here.

Despite the fact that Goop is a big joke all over the internet, the company has a lot of success and continues to be one of the leading businesses in the health and wellness scene. Maybe bad press and crazy products don’t matter as long as you remain in the spotlight and have a really cute and functioning website.


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