Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Kate Middleton’s Baby Bump Suggests She’s Having Another One Of These

Is Kate Middleton’s baby bump further proof that she’s having a little princess? If old wives tales are correct, the higher and wider the bump,  the more likely a woman will give birth to a girl. And Kate is definitely riding high. 

Speculation started swirling months ago that the Duchess will be having another little girl, after she was spotted on multiple occasions wearing pink. And now, with just a few weeks away from the birth of her third child, some believe the shape of Kate’s bump is solid evidence that she’s having a girl. And if that’s true, it’ll be news to Kate and William, who claim not to have known the sex of any of their children before they were born, not that they aren’t guessing along with the rest of us.

The Daily Mail has some side-by-side comparison photos of Kate throughout her pregnancies and theorize that yes, she is going to have another girl because “throughout this pregnancy with her third child, the Duchess has looked more like she did when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte than she did with Prince George – with a higher and more pronounced bump.”

According to doctors, the way a pregnant woman carries her baby has more to do with her shape — in Kate’s case, tall and slender — than the sex of the baby.

The Mirror reports that when it comes to playing the odds, Mary is the favorite name for the new Royal, followed by Alice and Victoria. And if it’s a boy? Albert  and Arthur are the top bets.




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