Monday, May 27, 2024

Kevin Smith’s Doctors Say Marijuana Saved Him From Heart Attack

A few months ago, director and comedian Kevin Smith was performing two shows that would be filmed for his upcoming stand-up special “Silent But Deadly”. Afterwards, when Smith was in his dressing room, he started feeling ill and an ambulance was eventually called. He was suffering a major heart attack.

Somehow Smith remained calm and under control throughout the process—an attribute that doctors say saved his life. You might ask how, considering the circumstances. Well, the noted cannabis enthusiast had lit up not two hours prior.

“Even though they tell me I had a heart attack, I didn’t feel like I was in pain, so I never panicked,” Smith told US Weekly. “I was super f—king calm. After I got out of the hospital, I said [to my doctor], ‘Hey man, I hate to admit this, but I was blazed as f—k the day I had the heart attack … Does smoking weed have something to do with a heart attack?’”

Much to Smith’s surprise, his doctor said quite the opposite. During an appearance on  “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” he revealed what happened, saying, “I honestly thought I was too high.” But, to his surprise, his doctor said the weed saved his life by keeping him calm.

Following the incident, Smith took his health more seriously. He’s lost 85 pounds by cutting sugar from his diet and replacing it with weed.

“Weed kind of actually works, believe it or not, as an appetitive suppressant to some degree,” Smith told US Weekly. “I don’t get the munchies … It just didn’t have that effect on me. I would smoke instead of eating. That became gratifying. Same way that I need to feel good, I was like, ‘You know what? I feel good smoking. Skip the cake and just have yourself a smoke.’”


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