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Kristen Bell Refuses To Get In Pools Without Gloves On; Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Prove They Don’t ‘Kiss Like Fish’

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello took to Instagram to prove they’re good kissers; Kristen Bell really, really hates the feeling of pruney fingers when she swims.

Kristen Bell Refuses To Get In Pools Without Gloves On

Via iHeart Radio:

Everyone has weird little things about them that make them unique, and celebrities are no different. But while most stars are pretty private about their particular hang-ups and quirks, Kristen Bell is very open about hers, and it makes her all the more lovable.

Her husband, Dax Shepard, posted a photo on Instagram of Kristen cooling off in a pool. In the shot, the Veronica Mars star wears a bikini, sunglasses, a hat and rubber gloves. In fact, she even shows off her strange latex accessories in the pic, holding her hands up and smiling.

But why wear gloves in a pool? Dax explained it all in the caption.

He wrote, “My bride wears gloves in the pool because she hates the feeling of pruney finger tips on skin. #Hollyweird #iloveher.”

Kristen likely gets a lot of use out of the gloves since the pair has two daughters together, a five-year-old named Lincoln and a three-year-old named Delta, who are often in the water.

Watch Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Prove They Don’t ‘Kiss Like Fish’

Via iHeart Radio:

Ahem, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello would like their fans — and literally everyone — to know they are good kissers. The claim, however, remains more or less as conceivable as their rumored relationship despite the singers’ attempt to prove fans wrong about their sucky lip-locking skills in a video shared to Instagram.

“We saw on Twitter and stuff you guys saying stuff about the way we were kissing and how it looks weird. Like, we kiss like fish,” the “Lost in Japan” crooner says in the clip, to which the former Fifth Harmony member nods and jokes the gossip has “really hurt our feelings.”

The couple, however, was not going to let the rumor stand. “We just want to show you how we really kiss,” the Canadian singer says, before going in for one of the sloppiest smooches of all time — and let’s just say, we feel offended for the fish.

We couldn’t decide which was more hilarious: Shawmila’s messy make out or the comments section.

Charlie Puth couldn’t keep from laughing: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAH.”

“Dude stop messing around and MAKE HER GUACAMOLE. “Ur in Mexico for Gods sakes u have everything u need,” Ryan Tedder quipped, as Bazzi added, “incredible form.”

Some, like Teddy Geiger, thought “this is the cutest s–t I’ve seen on the internet.”

What do you think, do Shawn and Camila kiss better than fish?


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