Thursday, February 22, 2024

Meghan Markle Still Does Her Own Grocery Shopping At Whole Foods

You can take away her low cut blouses, freedom to cross her legs, and floppy hats, but you can’t take away her love of grocery shopping.

Meghan Markle may be a royal now, which means other people do her grocery shopping and cooking for the most part, but she still likes her trips to Whole Foods. Who can blame her? The scent of entire paychecks being spent is intoxicating.

A source tells People that the Duchess still shops at Whole Foods “incognito” with her signature baseball cap, just like she does when she hits up a pilates class or salon. Besides tending to her royal duties, which includes being holed up with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace, “the only other place she has visited regularly is Whole Foods, which is little more than five minutes away from Kensington Palace,”” says the source.

Now that the buzz surrounding her wedding has died down, Markle best get in her “incognito” shopping before she gets knocked up and is really easy to spot.

Refinery29 posits that Markle is loading up on chia seeds for her homemade chia seed pudding, green juice, almond milk, carrots and hummus, since those are the five items she revealed in 2016 to always have on hand in her refrigerator.

In April, an 8-months-pregnant Kate Middelton was reportedly spotted doing her own grocery shopping at a Waitrose supermarket in Norfolk, England. The Duchess was seen loading up her bags into her Land Rover with the help of a body guard.

Royal expert and founder of the Royal Musings blog, Marlene Koenig, told at the time that, “I doubt she does the weekly shopping, as she does have a small household staff at Kensington Palace and Anmer Hall who probably take care of most things. But I think the Duchess of Cambridge, who has lived in a non-royal world, takes a more active role in what her family eats.”

Before he popped the question to Markle, Prince Harry told Newsweek that he also likes to do his own grocery shopping, saying, “Sometimes, when I come away from the meat counter in my local supermarket, I worry someone will snap me with their phone. But I am determined to have a relatively normal life, and if I am lucky enough to have children, they can have one too.”


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