Friday, May 14, 2021
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Most Americans Don’t Care If Celebrities Smoke Or Support Marijuana

Celebrities smoke marijuana. We know this to be truth. From celebs smoking during the Oscars to entering the cannabis industry, they aren’t hiding their marijuana usage. For some, like Montel Williams, it’s a life-saving medicine used daily while a rap group like Run the Jewels uses for creative stimulation—like a lot of creative stimulation.

As part of Yahoo’s Weed & The American Family series, they learned that most Americans really don’t care if their celebrities smoke weed.

According to this Yahoo News/Marist Poll, 74 percent of Americans say it makes no difference whether celebrities use marijuana or not. Among millennials (ages 18-34) that number is even higher, rising to 81 percent who say their favorite celebrities consuming cannabis doesn’t bother them.

Furthermore, most Americans hold little qualms regarding celebrities speaking out in favor of marijuana legalization. Nearly 56 percent of American approve of that while 38 percent do not.

This falls in line regarding other data showcasing that 47 percent of parents are open with their marijuana usage and more than half of Americans have tried marijuana at some point in their lives. Most parents worry more about their kids having sex and smoking tobacco than using marijuana.

In addition the poll also illuminates that 69 percent of people support their favorite athletes using marijuana to alleviate pain, despite what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell might say on the contrary. The times are changing after all.


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