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That Time Tupac Brought Snoop Dogg Weed On ‘Saturday Night Live’

You’d think someone who’s been as famous for as long as Snoop Dogg wouldn’t have any more “back in the day” anecdotes to tell—at least any interesting ones, that is. However, no one is better than radio legend Howard Stern at pulling out stories from celebrities whenever they sit on his couch. Stern’s like your therapist, except he’s cool and you actually don’t lie to him.

As the iconic MC told Stern, Snoop was all set to make his first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in 1994 when a problem arose — he’d run dry of weed. So he called up his buddy Tupac Shakur.

“Before he was on Death Row Records, when he was just my homeboy, after we had met at the Poetic Justice wrap party,” Snoop Dogg said. “I ain’t got no dope. That’s when it was hard getting weed out here [in New York]… And he was like, don’t worry about a mother fucking thing.”

Snoop says Tupac showed up with, what he described as, a big ol’ bag of weed. But that’s not all. “Guess who he pulls up with?” Snoop asked, before crooning an impromptu version of Madonna’s smash hit “Like A Virgin.” Tupac and Madonna infamously dated while the rapper was at the height of his fame in the mid-90s.

“I don’t know that I would do that for anybody,” Stern said, adding that Snoop and Pac must’ve had a genuine friendship. “I’d stay home and fuck Madonna. I’m not bringing you weed. No offense.”

Snoop also revealed on the program that he smoked his first blunt with Tupac—“I’d been smoking joints up until then,” Snoop revealed. The rapper and cannabis entrepreneur also revealed that he’s formed more relationships and business partners by sharing a joint than he ever has grabbing a drink with someone. “It’s a bridge, Howard,” Snoop said.

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