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5 Brilliant Times David Blaine Shocked a Celebrity With Magic

On his ABC special last night, David Blaine shocked and disgusted Steph Curry, Drake, and Dave Chappelle by making…well, we won’t spoil it for you until later. But the gross and fantastic “trick” wasn’t the first time Blaine has awed a celebrity with one of his mind-boggling illusions. Below are the five best times the magician has blown a famous person’s mind.

5. Jimmy Fallon and the Roots

On The Tonight Show last week, Blaine assured Fallon, Questlove, Captain Kirk Douglas, and Black Thought that he would keep things simple. He then, of course, preceded to send Fallon into fits of of nervous, unbelieving laughter with a series of card tricks before completely shocking everyone by coughing up a live frog that’d apparently been inside his stomach for the entire 10-minute segment.

4. Snoop Dogg and Anna Farris

At the afterparty for one of his live performances, Blaine sends Snoop’s mind up in smoke with a series of card tricks. Anna Farris is also there, watching on in surprise.

3. Serena Williams

“I’m kind of scared of magic tricks,” the tennis legend says at the beginning of the clip. By the end of the trick, we learn that she was right to be wary of Blaine and his kind.

2. Drake, Dave Chappelle, and Steph Curry

For this “trick,” Blaine essentially expanded on his finale on The Tonight Show by regurgitating not one, not two, but three live frogs from his stomach. While it’s a similar trick to the one he pulled on Fallon and the Roots, the reactions of Drake, Chappelle, and Curry make it much more entertaining.

1. Harrison Ford

“Think of any card in the deck,” Blaine tells a clearly suspicious Ford at the beginning of what you’ll soon see was the greatest celebrity magic trick of all time. The card, of course, goes missing from the deck and ends up in an insanely unlikely and unbelievable spot. Ford’s reaction once the card’s location is revealed is amazing. “Get the fuck out my house,” he tells Blaine. “Whoa.”


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