Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ugandan President Wants To Know: What’s Kim Kardashian’s Job?

Only the President of Uganda could’ve asked Kim Kardashian the question we’ve all been meaning to ask. What the heck is her job?

Kardashian and her contractual Plus One, Kanye West, were in Kampala on Monday where they had a meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Musevini. For some unpleasant reason, the Wests are feeling very political these days.

People Magazine reports that when Musevini asked Kardashian about her job she politely explained that she had a TV show with her sisters, without getting into the depths of reality TV and America’s obsession with her family. In her defense, it’s pretty hard to explain why the Kardashians own about 80 percent of the E! channel.

President Museviri , who has has a history of human rights abuses and is basically a dictator in the making, was excited to meet the couple and tweeted about the event. Kanye gifted him some Yeezy sneakers and discussed the possibility of developing the arts and entertainment in Uganda. Museviri referred to the Wests as “American entertainment stars.”

TMZ reports that Kanye plans on opening up a Jurassic Park in Uganda, which after all he’s said, doesn’t even sound that weird.

It’s nice that Kanye is going out of his way to develop the arts in other countries; it’s certainly much better than whatever it is he was doing before in America. Not sure that the meeting with a dictator is going to do any good, though. Can Kanye just go home and stay there for a couple of years? Thanks.



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