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Lana Del Rey And Azealia Banks Had The Most Intense Twitter Fight

The worst way to have a fight nowadays is through social media because it basically guarantees that it’ll be immortalized forever, especially if you’re famous. Celebrities can take down their posts and pretend they didn’t say anything, but odds are someone will have already taken a screenshot of it, and the rest is history.

The latest celebrity to get involved in a Twitter feud is Lana Del Rey, someone who’s normally steered clear of public drama. The singer left a comment on Kanye West’s last Instagram post, where he’s seen wearing a MAGA hat. The post was uploaded after West’s performance on “Saturday Night Live”, where he wore the hat and claimed that cast members had bullied him for it. He also wore a water bottle costume, and said that slavery wasn’t real.

In a classic Azealia Banks move, where she loves to get involved in drama, the rapper commented on Lana’s post and said that Del Rey was acting as a “typical white woman” who pretends to be an ally to minorities.

Banks went off on a six part Twitter thread rant where she said that Lana suffered from “selective outrage.” While Banks may have some valid points that she’d like to make, publicly denouncing another singer is never a good approach when it comes to discussing serious issues.

Del Rey took over a week to reply to Banks; when she did she tweeted that Banks knew her address, and that was free to say all of this to her face.

While Del Rey didn’t create a Twitter thread, she proceeded to tweet different things in regards to Banks, saying that the performer could’ve been the best rapper of all time if she hadn’t blown it and messed with the one person who’d had her back. We don’t know the details, but the tweets and accusations make it look like both singers knew each other and had some sort of friendly relationship.

You’d think that after all of this, both women would’ve vented and chilled out, but you’d be wrong. The fight kept going, on and on, with Banks making digs at Del Rey’s nose job, and with Del Rey claiming that Banks meds aren’t working.

Banks criticized Del Rey for messing with her mental health, calling it typical white woman behavior, and threatening to call her lawyer. Del Rey didn’t back down, and kept replying and saying that she wasn’t making threats, only promises.

For now, both women seem to have stopped tweeting; maybe their publicists called them and begged them to stop. Hopefully they’ll both get over this at some point. In the meantime, let’s hope they don’t run into each other at a party or something.



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