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Which Actor From ‘Rouge One’ Said They Want to Feel Up Jabba the Hut?

Over the course of his press tour for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Diego Luna has made it exceedingly clear that there’s one character in the Star Wars universe that absolutely fascinates him: Jabba the Hut.

Twitter user @tolkienianjedi compiled Luna praising and obsessing over Jabba in seven different interviews. The actor uses similar phrasing to describe his obsession in each interview. Here are a few of those descriptions

“Jabba, come on! Touching his belly, like ughhhh—I’m so tempted.”

“Jabba, I want to touch Jabba. I know it sounds gross, but it might be delicious.”

“I’ll say the kiss with Jabba. He’s an amazing character, come on…The texture, I’m very curious to actually touch that texture…I’ve been dreaming of Jabba…every time I date someone I’m just looking for him.”

“It’s quite an interesting character…I don’t know, that texture of his skin is just something that obsesses me.”

“Jabba, I’ve always wanted to touch him, like the texture of Jabba is something I need to discover.”

“I’m obsessed with the texture of Jabba. You’ve never dreamed about touching Jabba. I mean it must be quite disgusting…”


While Rogue One is a standalone movie without any sequels (aside from the little known trilogy that takes place immediately after it, time-wise), we hope someone at Lucas/Disney can set Luna up on a date or something with his film idol. Or perhaps Jabba could replace Luna’s co-star Gael García Bernal in a follow-up to 2001’s Y Tu Mamá También.

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