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Why Meghan Markle Has Traded Her Messy Bun

Since giving birth to baby Archie in May, the Duchess of Sussex has been sporting a new look. Meghan Markle has traded her messy bun for a sleeker, more tidy look. And if you believe experts, it has nothing to do with fashion choice.

Meghan Markle has been seen wearing her hair in a pulled back bun during several outings, most recently “The Lion King” premier in London last weekend (where she met Beyonce and Jay-Z). It’s not super out of character for her, but it is quite a departure from the laid back, more approachable style we’ve come to recognize (and love) her for.

The Daily Mail has been keeping track, counting four times in two months Markle has rocked the more serious up-do, including Wimbledon, Trouping the Colour and Archie’s christening. Here she is with Harry in London last Sunday.


Celebrity hair stylist James Johnson says this type of hairdo makes total sense for a new mom, because it keeps the hair from further postpartum hair loss.

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“When you’re pregnant your hair cycle stops so you don’t shed any hair, so when you give birth, all the hair you should have lost in the nine months falls out over a quick period.”

Many women experience thicker hair during pregnancy because of an increase in hormones, which doesn’t actually make the hair thicker, rather it keeps hair from shedding at its usual rate. And then when you give birth, all of the hair that would have shed, does.

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“Meghan may have opted for a scraped back bun to prevent her hair from further damage. It’s also a quick hairstyle and perfect for hot weather,” said Johnson. “If her hair was damaged during pregnancy, putting her hair up will prevent it from further damage.”

The American Academy of Dermatology says normal hair patters usually return about a year after giving birth. Nice job when Meghan Markle has traded her messy bun.


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