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Why William And Kate May Not Be Able To Split

It kind of sucks to be a royal. When normal people decide they no longer want to be married, they can get a divorce. But that’s reportedly not the case for the royal family. At least not anymore. Here is why William and Kate may not be able to split!

It’s why the recent cheating rumors swirling around Kate Middleton and Prince William are that much more painful. If Will did cheat on Kate with her former bestie Rose Hanbury, it’s got to be rather awkward and frustrating having to see your spouse every day, knowing you can’t ditch them. And if he didn’t cheat, the public scrutiny is enough to wear on any couple. But even if things get really ugly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may be stuck together until death do them part.

The Major Way Kate Middleton and Prince William Have Changed Since Harry And Meghan Left
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A 2006 report in the Sunday Express published information from a Palace aide, who revealed that the Queen warned her grandson that if he married Kate, she would not allow them to divorce. No pressure!

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According to the aid, “The Queen is the head of the Church and so from a point of principle she is opposed to royal divorces.

“However, she has witnessed the divorces not just of her sister Princess Margaret, but also those of her three eldest children.

“She now feels, to put it bluntly, that enough is enough.

“She does not want to name names, but she is adamant that there are going to be no further royal divorces during her reign.”

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According to the Daily Express, the decision was made after the Queen saw first-hand the damage divorces can have on the monarchy’s reputation after several royal couples called it quits, including Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and Princess Anne and Captain Mark Philips.


Says the aid, “The concept of divorce goes against the Queen’s whole upbringing, which is about duty and about soldiering on in the face of adversity. She inherited a lot of her views from her mother, who was scarred by the King Edward and Wallis Simpson scandal.

“Both Princes William and Harry have been in no doubt that when they marry, it’s for keeps.”


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