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Meme Column: Meryl Streep’s Scream In ‘Big Little Lies’ Has Resonated Deeply With The Internet

“Big Little Lies” is one of those shows that does it all, winning every award and leading to great memes. From great lines of dialogue to great physical and comedic performances, it’s a show that’s been embraced by critics and pop culture, the perfect mix of entertainment and meaningful content.

Season two premiered this past Sunday and it featured the return of everyone’s favorite characters. It also introduced Meryl Streep in her first ever TV role, a momentous occasion that left hundreds rattled (I include myself in this demographic). Streep is playing Mary Louise, a grieving mother who doesn’t hold back an inch. There’s fake teeth involved and Streep utters every line of dialogue with a mix of sarcasm and contempt that results in really scary stuff.

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The moment that stuck most with viewers was a big one. In grief, Mary Louise screams out in front of her grand-kids and Nicole Kidman only to laugh it off seconds later and claim that screaming is the sane thing to do. Twitter loves a good scream and it doesn’t get any better than this.

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There’s a full season of Meryl Streep ahead of us. Let’s make the most of it.

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