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This Week’s Music: Sam Smith, Charli XCX And Beyoncé

This Week’s Music is a weekly column that discusses the week’s best, worst, and most interesting songs. We try to select songs of different artists and genres to keep things interesting and to please a variety of music fans.

This week’s column features Sam Smith’s last single, Charli XCX’s contribution with Christine and the Queens, and Beyoncé’s work on The Lion King. Check them out!


Sam Smith – How Do You Sleep?

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Sam Smith’s latest song follows the path he’s been slowly putting together since the release of his last album. Focusing more on dance beats that embrace queer dance culture, “How Do You Sleep?” starts off slow, quickly gaining momentum until it transforms into something else. Although it does so less successfully than Smith’s previous contributions with Calvin Harris and Normani, “How Do You Sleep?” shows a promising new leaf for his sound and his evolution as a musician.

Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens – Gone

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Charli XCX has grown into a sort of leader of alternate pop, having a distinct sound and set of devoted followers. After a couple of successful singles she partnered up with Christine and the Queens, another alt-pop icon, and delivered this glossy and slightly strange song. “Gone” is very rooted in its pop sound yet it’s completely different to anything else other pop singers are producing, with a music video that pushes boundaries and matches its sound and spirit. Charli XCX’s upcoming album, called Charli, will be released on September 13.

Beyoncé, Jay Z & Childish Gambino – MOOD 4 EVA

Who would have thought that Beyoncé’s contributions to “The Lion King” would not limit themselves to simple voice acting and gracing the world with her presence on public locations but also to developing a couple of really great songs. Of course, Beyoncé being Beyoncé had to release an entire album about it. “MOOD 4 EVA” is the best song of the Lion King soundtrack, wisely handing Bey the spotlight yet taking advantage of the talents of Jay Z and Donald Glover who mellow the whole thing out.


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