Thursday, May 30, 2024

4 Positive Habits We’ve Picked Up During Lockdown

Social distancing measures have affected our quality of life greatly, but hopefully we can hold on to some of these positive habits.

The side effects of spending over three months in lockdown with limited contact with others have been widely discussed. The mental and physical repercussions of this period of time are concerning for everyone, with experts predicting that the negative habits will follow us after the pandemic is over.

But little has been written or discussed about the good stuff that we’ve picked up during our months in isolation. Here are 4 positive habits we hope stay with us after this stage of the pandemic has passed.

Less spending

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The fact that the economy has been put on hold means that most of us have been forced to put a limit on our spending. The first couple of weeks, when there was no toilet paper or hand sanitizer, people were desperate for essentials, hoarding groceries and items as if they were going to run out of stock. They didn’t. And although people are still doing a lot of online shopping, once the country is moving again, some people believe there will be a renewed support for small businesses and for shopping conscientiously.

Working out more

While we’ve all been watching more TV and spending more time on our phones, spending all this time cooped up has also provided us with plenty of opportunities for working out. Physical exercise is something that a lot of us have a hard time prioritizing; since the pandemic eliminated most sources of distraction, we’ve allowed ourselves to try new workouts and wellness routines, which have afforded us those much touted health benefits.

Learning how to cook

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The amount of cooking and baking that has been done over the past couple of months is unparalleled. Cookbooks have been topping best seller lists and baking has been an ongoing trend on social media. The pandemic has really challenged people to get out of their comfort zones and prepare meals as a way of bonding with their family members and roommates. Plus, think of how much money you save not going out to eat so much.

Working from home

For those who are lucky enough to have been able to work from home during the pandemic, this shift will likely continue in the future, even if offices reopen this year. Telecommuting eliminates pollution, stress and facilitates the ability to spend time with family. It’s crazy but fitting that it took a pandemic for America to realize that you can still get your work done (if not more) without spending most of your waking hours in the office.


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