Friday, May 17, 2024


Tips For Your Body After Hours Of Sitting

Whether it is work, gaming, driving or something else - here are are tips for your body after hours of sitting.

5 Best Ways to Break The Doomscrolling Habit

Too much negative news is rough for your mental health.  Here are 5 ways to break the doomscrolling habit.

How To Avoid Marijuana Paranoia

There's no standard way of preventing it, but there are ways of controlling some of the variables that might cause you to spiral out of control.

23andMe Survey Shows Who’s Been Most Affected By Long COVID

This study is part of a series of data that explores the impact of the pandemic since it started in 2020.

How Many Times Can You Get COVID-19? Here’s What Experts Know

COVID-19 reinfections are possible, especially now that there's Omicron variants in circulation. Here's what experts want you to know.

How Legal Marijuana Is Outselling Starbucks

How did cannabis outsell the world’s biggest coffee retailer, and what does this mean for the future of cannabis sales?

This Is How Many People In The US Have Been Infected With COVID-19

Researchers continue to stress the importance of vaccines as the main defense against the COVID-19.

During Covid Death Due To This Increased

The pandemic has impacted our drinking habits and has increased the amount of alcohol-related deaths by a significant margin.
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