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4 Ways To Counteract Sitting Down All Day

Quarantine has restricted our usual daily movement and activity. Here’s how you can counterbalance the damage your body suffers from sitting down all day.

For those who are lucky enough to remain employed in the ongoing pandemic, most days are composed of of Zoom meetings, social media and news scrolling and, oh yeah, work. All of this from the comfort of your office chair may sound appealing, but working from home can easily become very sedentary and detrimental to your health.

Modern life asks us to spend much of our daily routing sitting down, but quarantine life takes this to a new extreme since there’s no commute or even the need to walk to your car every day. Excessive sitting is a serious issue, leading to back problems, cardiovascular conditions and an increased risk of developing chronic pain and depression.

Remind yourself to get up once every hour

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We’re used to working for long periods of time, taking mental breaks but not physical ones. Once every hour (set a reminder if it helps), go for a short walk, have a glass of water or stretch on your feet. This will provide immediate release of tension and will help you feel more productive, especially if you’re having a hard time finding motivation and drive to complete your work.

Work on your breathing

Breathing patterns are very important for your posture, with long hours spent on a chair encouraging poor breathing. This results in tension, tight muscles, lethargy and more. Try breathing in from your belly and diaphragm. In order to get this habit down, lay down on your back with your knees bent and place one hand on your belly and the other on your chest. Breathe in and out, feeling the flow of air on each hand.

Lunge and rotate

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Deep lunges and rotations target most body parts affected by long hours spent sitting down. These exercises are simple and provide plenty of relief and toning for a lot of muscles. Lunges relax your hip flexors, stretch your spine and extend your core. Adding in rotations ensures that both sides of your body are getting equal attention.

Use house items to stretch

Take advantage of your door frames, couches, chairs and desks, utilizing them for releasing tension in your body. Here’s a list of exercises you can complete without having to leave your office.


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