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5 Gifts That Are Great For People With Anxiety

It’s a big year for anxiety. Surveys claim that anxiety levels spiked 40 percent in 2018, with respondents saying that they feel more anxious now than they did a year ago. It’s completely understandable; we live in changing times.  There’s an abundance of technology, societal issues, changing politics, and more. We’re also much more open about mental illness —a good thing — that makes people much more willing to talk about their inner struggles.

Luckily there are a lot of practices that can help out those who struggle with anxiety, ranging from breathing methods to products that produce a soothing effect. Bustle compiled a list of affordable products that are perfect for those people who suffer from anxiety. Here are five of our favorites.

Action Publishing Planner

12-month planners are a must when you’re someone who craves order in their lives. Visualizing your tasks and having a place to write down your to-do lists is a big benefit that’ll seep into different areas of your life. Action’s Planner also allows you to color in different pages, a relaxing activity that’s super fun and cathartic.

Cactus Humidifier


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This cute looking humidifier prevents dry skin and the proliferation of bacteria without making any noises and disrupting your environment. It’s a soothing product that’s affordable and that makes for a thoughtful and useful present.

Fidget toys

Although fidget spinners proved to have few benefits, fidget cubes have displayed more positive results, helping those with anxiety focus at work and relax at home. Amazon sells different versions, with most of them having really good reviews.

‘I Am Here Now’ 

This book, designed by The Mindfulness Project, trains users attention, helping them stay in the moment and prevent them from getting lost in their thoughts. The book features different relaxing activities that range from coloring pages, exercises, and meditations.

Weighted blankets


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Weighted blankets soothe stress and anxiety by providing some reassuring pressure on your body. There are dozens of brands online, with The Weighted Blanket Company providing several options in different price ranges and styles that make for a great gift.


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